The Inaugural Post

Everyone knows how important the first impression is… and here is my chance.  Luckily you can find just about anything on the Internet, including tips on how to have a memorable introduction.  So I figured I would get a little guidance on the art of the introduction.

First, the site suggests you should “Look at the person and make eye contact. This shows that you are directing your attention at them and are about to do something. Do not wait too long before moving onto the next step otherwise they may think you are strange.”

While this is not the best example because these eyes are actually very bad at keeping eye contact, you get the idea.  Now that we’ve established some degree of eye contact but hopefully not long enough so that you think I’m strange, it’s onto step 2.

The site continues “Once you have made eye contact, a smile is good (but not always necessary), and say “Hello” or “Hi”. Followed by “I’m Peter.” (substitute your real name). Whilst saying these words, offer your hand for a handshake.”

For our sake, I feel a Kramer half-smile fits the bill.

Hello, I’m Matt. (Almost said Peter, good thing they clarified with the parenthetical notation)

Cyber Handshake

Now that we’ve gotten all of the formalities out the of way and we are properly introduced, I would be remiss not to let the inaugural post act as an actual introduction.  My name is Matt Finkel… I’m 22 years old and currently living in New York City.  For my entire life, I have been called “Fink” by everyone, including but not limited to my friends, peers, colleagues, acquaintances, friends of friends, friends parents, teachers, internship advisers, bosses, dentists, local pizzeria owners and UPS men.  I have a myriad of thoughts throughout the day spanning a variety of topics.  This will be where I will write those thoughts down – simply What Fink Thinks.


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